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  Unfortunately vandalism, break & entry and auto theft are an all too common occurrance these days, and have become a major part of our business. These criminal acts are usually covered under the comprehensive portion of your automotive insurance policy and in most cases shouldn't affect your insurance premiums. Allow us to help restore your vehicle back to its original condition and to restore your confidence.

  At Classic Image Auto Bopy, we are specialists in automotive lock cylinder replacement and repairs, and resolving major theft issues. We are also very capable of repairing and colour matching your paint, so you won't have a constant reminder of the unfortunate event. We will deal directly with your insurance company and help to make the repair process as quick and trouble-free as possible!

  In minor cases it may be to your advantage to ask about our paintless dent removal service, which may be an option to help you to avoid paying the higher deductibe costs that are associated with most major insurance company policies. Give us a call to book your repairs and discuss your options.
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