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  If your air conditioner is having cooling problems, chances are that the system does not have sufficient levels of refrigerant. Often, the refrigerant leaks out of the compressor or through hoses or fittings that are worn or have deteriorated. The older your vehicle is - the more likely it is to have compressor failure or refrigerant leaking issues. If your air conditioner is leaking; the sytem must be thoroughly inspected and repaired immediately to prevent the remaining refrigerant from escaping into the atmosphere.

  Aside from refrigerant leakage, automobiles can experience other problems that result in a malfunctioning cooling system. Compressor related issues commonly occur as a result of the lack of lubrication, due to low refrigerant or as a result of not using A/C system for an extended period of time.

  At Classic Image Auto Body, we understand the importance of your air conditioning system and offer affordable automotive air conditioning repair and services and have qualified experts to perform these repairs.
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