Air pollutants transform into sulfuric or nitric acids, which can be deposited onto your vehicle in either a wet or dry state and will slowly eat away at the paint and metal. To resist this kind of damage, you need to go for frequent washing and the occasional waxing.

Here on the West Coast, our vehicles often fall the victim of the road salts that triggers the chemical reactions that can accelerate the pitting and rusting of the carís surfaces. Many out-of-sight areas including the undercarriage are especially prone to assault of the road salts. For this reason it is important to have a car wash at least once a month. Moisture can not accumulate on the car body, when it is clean; if moisture gains a hold in the dirty areas it can lead to corrosion.

Go for a pressure wash from time to time to dislodge silt and dirt - especially from the areas like behind the moldings, inside wheel arches, under the bumpers etc. After-winter is the best time for pressure washing, as it drives out all the salt accumulations that speed up the corrosion process.

Wax your car regularly for the maximum protection of the paint and minimizing harm of chemicals. This gives the paint protection from abrasions, fading and keeps the paint shiny. It should only take 30 minutes to wax a whole car. Use high quality car wax that will last for three Ė four months.

For the prominent chips and scratches, you have to order matching touch-up paint from the auto manufacturer and apply the paint with the help of a toothpick or fine paintbrush. Use Polishing compounds are also helpful for repairing the minor scratches and chips.

Invest some time for trying the above mentioned cleaning steps and you will feel a sense of pride and accomplisment, while preserving your investment for many years to come!

Car Care Tips

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