Here are a few of the steps you can expect to go through for collision or crash claims:
1: You might be required to report vehicle crashes or vehicle-related crimes to the police. While all serious crashes must be reported to the police, ask your local detachment about its preferences for reporting other claims-related incidents. Be sure to note the police file number, if available, before calling Dial-a-Claim.
2: After taking your report, Dial-a-Claim staff will either: handle your claim for you and direct you to an ICBC-approved c.a.r. shop VALET facility, or arrange an appointment at an ICBC claim centre for you to see an adjuster and an estimator.
3: Adjuster assesses fault for the crash in order to determine how the claim will be paid out, the adjuster will investigate the crash. The investigation may include the following: Statements from all drivers involved in the crash; all independent witnesses and passengers; and a detailed and written police report if available. After considering all of the details in the investigation, adjusters negotiate to make an assessment of fault based on the Motor Vehicle Act and case law decisions.
4: An estimate of repairs will be completed for your vehicle. If it is repairable, your vehicle will be repaired at a shop of your choice. If your vehicle is not repairable, it is a write-off or total loss, and you will be paid out for your vehicle.
5: Once the estimate is completed and if your vehicle is repairable, you can have the work done by a shop of your choice. If you do not know of a shop, the estimator will provide a list of shops for you to choose from. If your vehicle is not repairable and deemed a writeoff, you will receive a total loss settlement and you will need to sign a salvage release. Your vehicle would then be sent to our Salvage Department where your vehicle can be properly disposed of.
6: The Collision deductible is the amount you have to pay toward repairs or costs before your insurance kicks in to pay for the rest. If the other driver is at fault, your deductible could be waived or reimbursed.
7: Will a collision claim affect my insurance premium? If you are at fault for a crash, your Basic Autoplan premium may go up unless you have a long, claim-free record. The premium for any Optional insurance you have (collision coverage, for example) may go up as well.

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